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We Pay More

For over 35 years, I've worked closely with Donald Sundman, President of Mystic Stamp Company to purchase stamps. Mystic Stamp Company is America's leading stamp dealer. Mystic serves more collectors and sells more stamps than any other dealer in the United States.

Mystic sells more... and has to buy more to service its customers. That's why I'm able to say "I pay more for stamps." Mystic needs stamps... so I have to be very aggressive in my purchase offers. Mystic can't afford to lose good stamps.

Most stamp dealers are small operations. In fact, any stamp dealer with a few employees is likely a large dealer. Mystic employs 150 people!

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Did you know Mystic is very involved in selling rare U.S. stamps? Check out the Mystic Rare Stamps website and you'll see I'm in the market for all types of stamps... even rare U.S. errors.